The Five Body Safety Rules

A great place to start with body safety education for children is the five body safety rules.
The rules are as follows:

  1. My Body Is Mine
    I am the boss of my body. I don’t have to be hugged, kissed or touched by anyone if I am not okay with it. I can say “NO!” to a touch I don’t want.
  2. We Use Proper Names For Our Body Parts
    They are not weird or funny – everyone has them.
  3. We Don’t Look, Touch, Or Play Games With Each Other’s Private Parts
    Private parts are the parts of our bodies covered by a bathing suit and are kept out of view.
  4. No One Should Be Asking Me To Keep A Secret
    Especially if it is about private parts. There is a difference between good secrets and bad secrets. Good secrets make people happy, like if your parent asks you to keep your grandma’s birthday present a secret to surprise her. It is okay to keep that secret. Bad secrets are when someone touches us in an unsafe or confusing way. They might ask you to keep it a secret, and might be extra nice, or give us presents to keep the secret. That is a bad secret, and it is not okay to keep it.
  5. My Body Safety Circle
    I know 5 people I can talk to if I am sad, scared, and especially if I need to talk about body safety! If someone breaks a body safety rule, I need to tell until someone helps me. Even if I don’t tell right when it happens, I won’t be in trouble.

It is important to emphasize to children that it is never their fault if someone touches them in a way they do not want. It is also a good idea to discuss that there may be instances in which a trusted adult who helps take care of children may need to touch a private part to help them stay healthy and clean, such as going to a doctor, taking a bath, or changing a diaper.