Mentors at Virginia’s House/Dr. Goodall’s House provide a crucial role in helping children and young teens by being a positive and encouraging adult in their lives. Successful Mentors share many of the same virtuous qualities: a sincere, philanthropic desire to help young people. They have respect, sensitivity, and compassion. They are empathic. They are active listeners. They are solution-oriented, flexible, and open.

Mentors also share the same objectives: To provide a young person with a strong and exemplary role model, to help instill pride and self-esteem in each young person, and to assist in helping young people broaden the scope of what they think is possible for themselves to achieve.

Each Mentor will help develop their Mentee’s character by: Increasing his or her respect for self and others. Setting actionable goals and helping them achieve those goals. Providing stability and being consistency. Helping the Mentee learn to problem solve and make good decisions, as well as, encourage them to explore their future.

Each Mentor will spend an hour a week with their student. This time will be spent with the student during school hours and on the school campus. This time is somewhat flexible so that you can arrange it to work with your schedule.

There are many at-risk kids in our schools who need a responsible adult to guide them.

Are you looking for a way to make a meaningful impact in your community?

All you need is a giving heart and one hour a week.

Sometimes, all a kid needs is for an adult to believe in her.