With more than 30 years of experience providing services to victims of child abuse, the Children’s Advocacy Center is working to end this epidemic by educating children and adults. Through our two abuse prevention education programs, we give adults and children the tools they need to identify and prevent child abuse.


Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect is our child abuse education training designed for any adults who work directly with children.

This free program teaches adults how to recognize the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of abuse as well as how to respond to and safely report suspected abuse. Schedule a training at your location or attend a training at Virginia’s House or Dr. Goodall’s House.



ROAR is Virginia’s House child-based education program that teaches children ages 4-8 how to protect themselves from abuse.
The interactive and easy to implement lesson is designed to be taught in a classroom or group setting.

Rex and his animal friends take children on journey to find his ROAR, a simple and memorable acronym that teaches children that their bodies are their own and empowers children to stand up against abuse.

In response to increased demand for virtual training, we’re so excited to announce the Center’s child-based education program, ROAR, is going virtual! The program teaches children ages 4-8 to understand personal body safety, speak out against abuse, and identify adults who can help. The virtual version of ROAR is available without cost to organizations that serve youth.