Virginia’s House offers complete family resources to help abused, neglected, and traumatized children through our core programs, including our Mentorship service which shows children positive adult role models, Children’s Advocacy Center, which consists of forensic interviews, investigation, prosecution & comprehensive legal assistance, and North Star CASA, a court appointed special advocate volunteer program, and Victim’s Advocacy, which seeks financial compensation for children.

Children’s Advocacy Center

Our Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) believes in an integrative, innovative approach to child advocacy through intervention, investigation, and prosecution of child abuse cases. Our CAC staff works together as a team with diverse and varied professionals, including representatives from child protective services (CPS), law enforcement, medical personnel, mental health experts, and county prosecutors to provide justice and help begin the healing process for child victims of sexual trauma.



Mentors at Virginia’s House provide a crucial role in helping children and young teens by being a positive and encouraging adult in their lives. Successful Mentors share many of the same virtuous qualities: a sincere, philanthropic desire to help young people. Mentors also share the same objectives: provide a young person with a strong and exemplary role model, instill pride and self-esteem in a young person, and to help broaden the scope of what their Mentee thinks is possible to achieve for themselves.


North Star CASA

Our nationally-certified CASA staff trains and supports volunteers to represent the best interest of a child. Our CASA volunteers will go to court on average 4 to 5 times a year and may attend a few daytime meetings. The remainder of our CASA volunteer’s work is done on their own time — visiting the child, reading reports and records, and coordinating with individuals on the case. Typically a CASA volunteer will spend ten to fifteen hours a month working on a child’s case.


Victim Advocacy

Our professional staff helps victims in completing the necessary steps to receive Crime Victims Assistance and Compensation from the State of Texas. Crime Victims Assistance is a financial assistance program that helps with expenses and costs relating to the offenses committed against victims.