Children’s Advocacy Center

Our Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) believes in an integrative, innovative approach to child advocacy through intervention, investigation, and prosecution of child abuse cases. Our CAC staff works together as a team with diverse and varied professionals, including representatives from child protective services (CPS), law enforcement, medical personnel, mental health experts, and county prosecutors to provide justice and help begin the healing process for child victims of sexual trauma.

We do this through providing core services, including:

  • A neutral, child-friendly location for forensic interviews and the facilitation of investigations for child abuse victims.
  • A central location for partner agencies to meet with non-offending family members to gain statements or additional information.
  • Assist with coordinating investigative efforts by serving as a liaison between partner agencies.
  • Conduct ‘court school’ and court accompaniment for the victim and non-offending family.
  • Act as a referral agency for the needs of the child, offering medical, mental health, and other expert referrals.


What is a forensic interview and how does it work?

In the past, an abused child may have been interviewed by up to a dozen agencies.

The CAC model ensures that the child only has to endure one interview.

We coordinate with other agencies to see that appropriate action is taken.

We also provide additional resources to help your family move forward.